READY TO TEACH WHAT YOU DO? Swipe My Best Mini-Course Structure TODAY

Get a step-by-step process for designing a mini-course that does the heavy lifting of getting you in the game and serving the people who can benefit from your expertise. Understand and leverage: 

  • 3 mini-course formats students say "YES" to
  • a crucial lesson-sequencing approach that ensures students take action 
  • 4 ways of teaching that belong in every lesson  

Click above to choose a class time so you can map out your own course right now.

Creatives, coaches, healers and experts praise the value in this free training: 

  • "You gave so much useable information (not just one, tiny tip)!" 
  • "You actually spoke about teaching...your messaging is focused around wanting to teach people new skills in order to help others and share what we're passionate about."  
  • "Your content and warm personality is refreshing and stands out from the rest."  

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