How to Avoid Making a Humdrum Low-Value Online Course
with Debbie Hodge | Teach What You Do

In this free workshop, I'll show you exactly how to make sure you're creating a high-value course . . . one that's expansive instead of run-of-the mill, one that you know your people want, one that leverages your unique genius.

You'll get prompts and how-tos for taking these 4 steps:

STEP 1. Identify and value-weight the outcomes your prospects want. This is easy once you understand 6 core drivers of value.

STEP 2. Tumble and polish your skills to uncover the unique brilliance within them that can serve those value-packed outcomes. Use my prompts to mine 3 foundations of your expertise.

STEP 3. Build a "Yellow Brick Road" solution that makes the work absolutely doable AND aspirational.You'll even get a quick formula for your own manifesto.

STEP 4. Craft a benefit-packed Big Promise based on this work. Make this big promise your north star as you create content and marketing assets, and you are golden.

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