Finding the right guide for the work you're doing is crucial.

This is my brother Matt walking us around our family farm. He's the right guide for knowing this land and best uses for it. Not only because he knows the place inside and out but because he knows how to care for and, if desired, develop land. And one more thing: he knows and treasures the history of this land. He's passionate about it.

With anything new you undertake, doing the work with a guide–and, especially, the right guide–means you reduce mistakes, you reduce time spent, and you ensure you actually get the work done.

Do you have a guide to the work you're doing to build your business? How did you find your guide and what makes it feel like a good match?

And now let's flip that: who are you the right guide for?

What do you know as well as my brother knows this land? And just as important: do you have a passion for that thing you know inside and out?

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