Teach What You Do Course Directory

These are courses from creatives, coaches, healers and experts who have worked with us in our course-building programs.


Rachel McKee

Help Your Toddler Talk

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, Rachel  helps toddlers talk more.

Her course “Help Your Toddler Talk” is aimed at teaching caregivers to use the same tools and strategies she does as a Speech-Language Pathologist to connect with their toddler and and set them up for successful communication.





Carol François

Systemic Racism: See it, Say it, Confront it

If you are a leader in corporate HR, training and development, school district, or social justice organization this is a course for your employees, staff, or team members to understand the roots of systemic racism in America and is an excellent complement to existing inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism training.

Over 4 modules, participants will learn how systemic racism permeates American history and institutions and use this knowledge to confront and dismantle systemic racism in their personal spheres of influence.




Amy Kingsford

Style Your Course From Start to Finish

Amy helps online course creators use strategy, systems, and style to deliver the online learning experience their students deserve. 

In her 4-week course, Style Your Online Course From Start to Finish, she teaches online course creators how to establish and use clear and consistent course styling to banish buyers' remorse, craft an amazing student experience and contribute to their students' overall success.




Joanne Cleaver

Staff to Self-employment: Design Self-employment around Your Goals With Minimal Risk and Maximum Success

Joanne helps mid-career professionals who are searching for a structured path to leverage their career expertise into sustainable self-employment that fulfills their life, income, and professional growth goals.

Staff to Self-employment cracks the code on how to land your best first clients; how to integrate your business and personal priorities and time management; and how to keep the ‘self' in the center of self-employment going forward, so you can gain the long-term personal, professional and financial goals you envision and have been building toward for years.





Kennita Tully

Tapestry Journey's “The Many Faces of Soumak”

Kennita helps tapestry artists who want to take their skills to a new level.

Learn to add Soumak to your tapestry toolbox and open up little known ways to create line, texture, and layers in your tapestries.




Susan Gee

A Guide for Caregivers: How to Provide Gentle-Touch Massage for Your Loved One

Susan teaches caregivers how to provide comfort, relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief for their loved ones using simple, gentle-touch techniques.

Upon completion of her course, students will know how to provide safe, effective gentle-touch massage for their loved ones who are hurting due to illness or injury. Students will also learn how to strengthen relationships and communication using the incredible power of simple touch.




Jenny Buchanan

Paint Stunning Seascapes in Acrylics

Jenny helps those new to painting improve their skills and develop their own artistic style. 

In her course Paint Stunning Seascapes in Acrylics, she provides a methodical approach and easy to follow instructions to painting beautiful seascapes that can be adapted to any subject matter.





Kimberly Smith Lukhard

Create a Championship Plate: The Ultimate Fueling System to Increase Speed, Stamina, Focus and Muscle in 28 Days

Kimberly teaches parents of youth ice hockey players how to create simple and easy meals and snacks that can help increase their athlete's Speed, Stamina, Focus and Muscle.

The Create a Championship Plate course is designed for youth ice hockey parents, skaters and goalies. The fueling system eliminates nutrition overwhelm and provides a step-by-step guide for youth ice hockey players aged 8 – 18 years of age, to eat for optimum performance each time they step on the ice.




Dawn Boyer

The Basics of Beautiful, Expressive Paintings

Dawn helps aspiring and intermediate-level artists looking for ways to paint more loosely, express creativity and emotion and enrich themselves.

In The Basics of Beautiful, Expressive Paintings, students will learn the secret to painting more confidently in their own voice and style, finding what might have taken their inner artist years to say, so that they can finally express themselves in a way that is theirs alone.




Sveta Melchuk

Home Staging for Everyone

Sveta helps motivated and budget-conscious home sellers, who are looking to get the full market value from their house sale.

In Home Staging for Everyone, students will learn how to maximize their chances of selling their house quickly and for top dollar so that they can have extra cash in hand to move them closer to their next dream.




Melissa Shanhun

Simple Family Yearbook

Melissa loves to show others how fun and easy it can be to record your precious memories with tech tools like Photoshop Elements.

Simple Family Yearbook is for moms who wish they could do something with their photos. In 5 simple steps, Melissa will help you get from overflowing camera roll to sitting on the sofa with a shiny new photobook in your lap.




Christina Paulden

Love of Learning Teaching Program

Christina teaches moms to build a love of learning in their children by incorporating learning through play, interest-led learning, and hands-on learning.

The Love of Learning Teaching Program will teach you how to make learning fun and enjoyable for your young child. You'll learn how to teach educational essentials while allowing your child to play, create interest-led lessons that'll excite your child, and gain confidence in your ability to teach your child.




Caroline Cooper

Profitable Stylist Creator 101: Getting Started with the Complete Commission Blueprint

Caroline helps salon owners create profitable & harmonious salons to take the stress and hard work out of ownership.

In this course, you will create a Salon Framework that will engage and motivate you to improve performance, delight your clients and grow your leadership so your stress will disappear and be replaced with calm and purpose.




Libby Aguigui Nau

How to Paint with Acrylics: A Quickstart Guide for Beginners

This course teaches beginners just enough so they can start painting with confidence.

Libby will show how to use the FLIP method, an easy way to paint with acrylics. Lessons cover choosing the right supplies, color mixing with 5 colors, and following a simple paint plan to keep on track when creating a painting from start to finish.





Caroline Gayle

Plant-Based GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Caroline offers parents that home school, and qualified teachers of food subjects the UK's first and only Plant-Based GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum.

All content is online and uses only plant-based recipes. The content can be completed in 9 months and goes through PEQs and past exam questions.




Susannah Noel

Freelance Book Editing 101: What You Need to Know to Succeed

Susannah teaches those interested in becoming freelance book editors what they need to know to get started and succeed.

In her course, you'll determine which kind of book editor you are and exactly what's involved in that role. You'll also learn how to get started on your editing journey.




Gisele Guenard

Client Centered Governance (R) Essentials Certificate

Gisele helps non-profit boards, CEOs & executives make a bigger difference for the people & causes they care about.

Over 5 modules, senior leaders will gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead with client-centered governance.