With a stand-out online course . . . you change your students' lives–and your own.

To make an online course that stands out, attacts students and gets them results–you need to build a unique, signature methodology. That way you've got both a “big promise” and a “big how” that ensures remarkable outcomes.


Luckily, I've got a step-by-step process for doing exactly that.

I'm Debbie Hodge and I've created and sold online courses since 2007 at Get It Scrapped and here at Teach What You Do.

I love the challenge of turning ideas and expertise into creatively designed and supremely effective online programs.

Since 2015, I've worked with over 400 students in my signature course-building programs who are creating their own training on essay writing, aromatherapy, pony care, property management, pattern design, creativity, wellness, spiritual practices, pilates, window painting, prophetic art, branding and SO much more.

  • If you've got an expertise that you don't know how to turn into a course / program / membership / book / signature talk . . .
  • If you've been hoarding one grand idea (or if you're awash in a multitude of ideas) . . .
  • If you ready to have true impact with all that you know . . .

Let's get you moving forward. Get started right now with one of my detailed guides.

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