You might have a picture of what your life would look like if your main gig was creating and selling online courses.

Yes? No?

Since it's my main gig, I'm going to take you behind the scenes for the next several weeks.

The first episode of Course Builder's Diary shows work I'm doing both for Get It Scrapped (where I sell a scrapbooking education membership) and for Teach What You Do (where I sell a signature course on building an online teaching business), including:

  • tweaking Facebook ads for an upcoming webinar,
  • setting up promo and delivery systems for a 5-day special event at Get It Scrapped, and
  • making teaching content for a bonus class on funnels and for my webinar

Give it a viewing. It's under 20 minutes and gives you a look at the work, the tools, my office, and the systems that make things happen.