Debbie here back with a second “entry” in my course builder's diary.

This week, I've got a list of what I did daily over to the right side of the recorded screen. And here's why:

My intention here is not to show you every little task I do, but rather to show you how every day I “block and tackle” to get the right work done. Have you heard of “blocking and tackling?”

This means picking two to four big tasks you plan to get done on a particular day. For me it's usually two,  sometimes three, items. I think that's because I actually work for longer stretches on a single thing–I can go for two or three hours with a task. I think most people go more like 40 to 90 minutes. So the tasks I set for myself are typically fewer and bigger than those another person might set.

This week I was doing planning and prep: for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and for the membership content in 2018 at Get It Scrapped.

The goal with these diary entries is to give you a picture of how I plan and create and market at my two online teaching businesses. So settle in and see what this inspires you to do. And if you're looking for more help on GETTING STUFF DONE, you can check out my free guide, “How to Get Your Online Course Content Actually Created.” Just click here to get it.