This week I didn't get a lot of writing or creating done.

But I did do a whole bunch of live virtual teaching:

Five live sessions for a special event at Get It Scrapped (my scrapbooking education website) and two live sessions here at Teach What You Do.

In this entry, I talk about why I didn't get much else done. Really it has to do with my preoccupation before a teaching session, and my exhaustion afterward. I didn't stop to say in this recording that: THAT'S OK! I don't have to be cranking out tons of work every week. It's enough to show up, teach well, and take satisfaction in the work.

I do share many of the setup details that make this event so easy to run — showing you why all I had to do each day was show up about an hour early to set up and do a little prep.

You'll here me talking A LOT in this entry about how much my assistant Amy did to make it all happen and run so well–and I have two things I feel I need to say about that.

ONE. You don't have to have an Amy to do this kind of work. There were days when I did most all of everything! And it worked, and I learned and I had profitable classes. Just not profitable enough to hire help.

TWO. It is wonderful when you do get success with your courses and can get really great support. That's definitely in your future.

THREE. Systems are everything. Not all assistants would make this work as smoothly as Amy does for me. She's a stickler for details and systems that can be replicated and used to ensure not a thing goes wrong. It's quite amazing, really, that last week . . . not a thing went wrong.