I was a little “Friday-afternoon-giddy” in this entry. It always feels good to be looking at the weekend with projects completed.

AND, as I recorded this, I realized that these “Course Builder's Diary” videos give me a reply for those non-entrepreneurial acquaintances who ask in roundabout ways how DO you fill your days with the boys at college? 

Yes course-building and selling is definitely rewarding and creative work. But it is work.

After two weeks in which most work hours were given over to big projects (one tech-related and the other live teaching), I’m back to a “block and tackle” week.

The biggest accomplishment this week was finishing development work and then producing three new lessons (on funnels!) for my students at Teach What You Do. I even got a new bonus (on evergreen funnels!) done for them. I show you a bunch of details of lesson development and production work here.

It’s a longer entry and I cover lots of online biz management details–including my beginning work on developing a couple of shorter new classes. And I share what went on in my weekly meeting with my assistant and teammate, Amy.

Take a look.