You never know what you'll find at the late summer church yard sales in our town:

fresh floral arrangements alongside used furniture, vintage sheet music, and table lamps! 🛋️💐🏵️🎼

All. the. things.

Maybe you'll even find a kitchen sink!

The impulse to include everything including the kitchen sink is one that assails many course builders in early days of course outlining.

And I get it. What's more I “get” what all the fears are driving the impulse:

😱 What if I leave out something my students want?

😱 What if I leave out something and my peers think I'm an idiot?

😱 What if I leave out something it turns out my students really do need?

Your job is to give your students only the pieces they need in a clear and easily usable format and volume.

No one can drink from a fire hose. 💦💦At least no one that I know can do it. So pull back and make sure you're only putting content into your course that will benefit your students' progress.

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