The squirrels at my house are busy building stores for the winter–and if you want to build an online course and biz to go with it, now's the time to do your own squirreling: of content and planning so that you're rocking 2019.

Every day, your best potential students—savvy online learners and shoppers with credit card in hand—are swiping, tapping, and typing as they look for the very solutions you could give them.

COULD give them. . .

. . . if your course were ready.

If it’s not ready, though, these eager learners are “enrolling now” on someone else’s solution: someone else’s course.

Here’s the thing about those other courses:

They don’t have your “secret sauce.” They’re missing the proven steps you KNOW can make all the difference for a student who is ready for change, ready to build their own skills, ready to unlock new opportunities.

And there’s more:

Each day that you put off building your course not only deprives your would-be students, it also maintains a Costco-sized distance between you and an income stream that could change your daily life.

It can be different:

If you know that you have a special expertise and a strong desire to have an impact on others . . .

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur in your own right, earning money with online teaching . . .

then join me for a workshop that will move you into action. Get notice at

What are you working on this fall to ensure a successful 2019?