The {summer} party is over . . . and I miss it already. That's probably because I need to get back to work after a lovely couple of weeks with family play. My niece took this photo of her daughter and me floating on the river and chatting. Seeing it makes me SO glad I could take time off from work to just BE with our guests.

But now I need to get back to work (launch of the eCourse Blueprint is coming up in just a couple of weeks!) and I always have a tough time with transitions.

How do you get yourself back into the groove of work after time off?

I'll admit that yesterday — the Tuesday after Labor Day — I edited photos, binged on a packed cable news day, took a nap, and FINALLY got back into work late in the afternoon by taking care of busy-ness.

And then I mapped out the tasks for the rest of the week.

So that this morning, I started the day productively.

How do you get back to work after a break?