This tidepool find is small! 🦀Like the “mini” courses I encourage first time course builders to create. With a “mini” first outing you can nimbly validate your idea and the market for it.💃
Below are three mini-course designs that are perfect for first offers because:

☑️ They are easy for a prospective student to say YES to.
☑️ They are structured to get students motivated and achieving first wins.
☑️ They educate and prime your students to take next steps with you in bigger classes or coaching.

Here are three mini-course designs.


It teaches first steps and skills that get students moving TOWARD your paid course. As important as the “teaching” of these steps and skills is the motivation of your students to DO work that builds momentum and enthusiasm for the subject.

EXAMPLES: ✨ “Get Started with Guitar in 5 Days” ✨ “Your Introduction to HandLettering” ✨ “First Steps for Learning Dutch”


With this approach, you’ll take a sliver of what you’re planning to teach in a bigger class and present it as a much shorter sampling.

EXAMPLES: ✨ “5 Ways to Oomph Your Photography Composition” would be excerpted from a much larger “Photography Master class” ✨ “5 Steps to Set Up Your AirBNB Listing” would be excerpted from a bigger “Mastering AirBNB” class.


With the “eye-opener” mini course you are addressing a need or problem or desire you’ve seen in people who don’t realize your solution to their problem even exists.

EXAMPLE: ✨ Person looking to eliminate neck pain might think they need a pillow or massage or stretching exercises. Your first course on neck pain moves them toward a bigger course on pilates.

💡DID THIS GIVE YOU AN IDEA for your own mini-course? What was it?

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