The newest board game at our house: Azul. I love its beauty and how its simple framework overlays multiple threads you need to pay attention to.

It's the same with online teaching. You want to create a clear and simple framework for your students, but to do that, you've got to pull multiple threads forward at once.

There are great benefits to doing this work of building an online course with the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint Method that I teach. You have the power:

  • to generate consistent income by building three key assets: your course, your classroom, and your engaged audience.
  • to raise your visibility and leverage your own authority into speaking engagements, higher-ticket coaching, and mastermind programs.
  • to make a significant impact on the students who want to master the skills and signature approaches you’re teaching.
  • to spin off new ventures that go beyond the initial course: teaching live, supplying licensed curriculum to educational and corporate groups, and setting up your own “school” that houses courses by others.

GETTING THERE depends on a course-building framework that integrates teaching, sales, and tech work in a step-by-step threaded method.

One that has:

  •  a teaching framework for developing your ideas and making lessons.
  • marketing how-tos threaded throughout the course-building process
  • a validation and early audience building process.
  • funnel building and launch creation how-tos that don't rely on expensive add-on tools.
  • tech how-tos and design templates that let you choose and use the best tools for designing, selling and delivering your online course.

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