This bin of similar pumpkins reminds me of a hesitation that keeps talented creators and experts from making an online course:

*Who am I to create a course? There are already courses created on my topic? How can I stand out?*

Here's my answer to those who hesitate:

First, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you you have a special expertise and a unique passion for your topic.

Sure, you’ve got mentors and peers who know as much and maybe more. But they are not you. They don’t approach the practice of this topic the way you do.

Your unique course content starts with what YOU know, with the approaches and systems you’ve already been using to get your own unique and remarkable results.

When you map out your class so that it's structured around your “signature system” you have a unique course that can stand out.

A signature system includes:
☑️ the steps and sequences you know work and that you can show your students how to use,
☑️ the underlying principles you’ve discovered are key to success,
☑️ the options your students can choose from when they reach crossroads–so that they make their own educated and artful decisions.

You’ve got this. You have a unique class in you.

And here's one more thing that's on your side as you launch your own online course: there are marketing tools that will let you meet new potential students online every day. . . and here’s the kicker:

Most of those people have never heard of the gurus you’re comparing yourself to.

Want a quick guide to developing a “signature” system for your online course?

I've got it for you at

Have you ever had this concern and needed to remind yourself that you can stand out? That your message matters? How do you get past this and move forward?